Nuclear Medicine

Queensland Nuclear medicine offers a wide range of services across the Sunshine Coast with sites located at: Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital in Birtinya and Rockhampton Hospital.

Queensland Nuclear Medicine proudly provides following services

  • Myocardial Perfusion Scans
  • Bone Scans
  • VQ Lung Scans
  • Gated Heart Pool Scans
  • Bone Marrow Scans
  • Renal Differential Function Scans
  • Renal DMSA Scans
  • Renal GFR Scans
  • Renal Captopril Scans
  • Thyroid Scans
  • Parathyroid Scans
  • MIBG Adrenal Scans
  • Lymphoscintigraphy Scans
  • Labelled White Blood Cell Scans
  • HIDA Scans
  • Meckels Scans
  • RBC Liver Scans
  • Liver Spleen Scan
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding Study
  • Colonic Transit Study
  • Oesophageal Transit Study
  • Gastric Emptying study
  • Bone Marrow Scan
  • Lacrimal Scans
  • Thyroid I131 Therapy
  • Cerebral Brain Study
  • Gallium Infection & Oncology Scans.