Genius 3D mammography™ Now Available in Warana and Selangor Private Hospital

We are pleased to announce Warana and Nambour Selangor Private Hospital are now offering Genius 3D mammography™ exams. By offering women the latest and most effective mammography technology available today, we hope to detect breast cancer earlier than ever before. A Genius 3D mammography exam (breast tomosynthesis), available on the Selenia® Dimensions® system from Hologic, can be used in conjunction with a 2D mammogram for screening purposes or by itself as a diagnostic mammogram for high-risk patients or those with symptoms. Our 3D system allows us to find cancers or abnormalities earlier; significantly improving the detection rate.*1-4 Studies show:
41% increase in invasive breast cancer detection;
15-40% decrease in false positives, reducing the need for further testing and unnecessary anxiety for your patients; and Increased cancer detection in women with dense breasts, i.e. women in their 40s.*1-4 We selected this specific technology based on its exceptionally sharp images. It is also the only system that is clinically validated with statistically significant data in large screening populations.
If you are referring patients to us for a diagnostic 3D mammogram, please include a written referral detailing the clinical indications. Thank you for trusting us with your patients and we look forward to offering them the latest in breast imaging. You can visit
Additionally, if you would like to learn more and earn CPD points, the RACGP has launched a new Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnostic Breast Imaging e-learning program available at