Rockhampton Hospital plugs into nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine is now offered at Rockhampton Hospital following the installation of a hitech gamma camera.
The service is provided by Central Queensland Radiology, using a new GE Discovery 670 Gamma Camera with 3D acquisitions for the provision of nuclear medicine services.
CQ Radiology Managing Director Dr Siavash Es’haghi said the new camera delivered diagnostic confidence with precise detection and localisation of diseases.
“With this valuable piece of equipment we can safely accommodate all patients, including the very ill and frail, which is vital in a hospital environment,” he said.
Dr Es’haghi said nuclear medicine used very small amounts of radioactive material. “The patient is given a small amount of radioactive material which then collects in a part of the body of interest, such as the bones, lungs or gut,” he said.

“A scintillation camera is used to produce an image of the radioactive substance in the organ and detect areas of disease.
“The amount of radiation from a nuclear medicine procedure is comparable to that received during other medical imaging such as CT.”
Central Queensland has used nuclear medicine in its private rooms for the past three years, but the service has now been relocated to Rockhampton Hospital, using the appropriately trained nuclear medicine technologists and specialists to supervise the studies. “We will provide a comprehensive range of nuclear medicine studies including bone, cardiac, liver, renal, spleen, gastrointestinal, thyroid, brain and lung scans,” Dr Es’haghi said.

Central Queensland Radiology is committed to offering state-of-the-art technology with staff expertise to provide better patient care for our community.”
Len Richards, Chief Executive of Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service, said the provision of nuclear medicine at Rockhampton Hospital was another great benefit of the partnership with CQ Radiology.

“Having the services of a specialist medical imaging firm has enabled the provision of top class CT scans in Gladstone, Emerald and Yeppoon, along with extended imaging hours at Rockhampton and Gladstone,” Mr Richards said.
“These imaging services are crucial tools for our clinical team as they provide faster and more accurate diagnosis and therefore better outcomes for our patients.