Filmless Imaging Latest Technology


Sunshine Coast Radiology is committed to providing a high-quality imaging service to our patients and referring doctors. Our company is also committed to being environmentally sustainable. With this in mind, we have decided to transition to a “filmless” environment. Radiographic films are predominantly made from the radiation sensitive silver halide crystals, such as silver bromide or silver chloride, and a flexible, transparent, blue-tinted plastic base. Whilst we understand the importance of radiographic films in patient care we are also aware of their detrimental environmental effect, discoloration and difficulty in storing. Recently Sunshine Coast Radiology has invested significantly to provide a high-quality digital display of images to our referring doctors. This is to enable us to move to a digital image distribution platform.

Speed you will no longer have to wait for films as the images will be available on-line as soon as the procedure is completed.

films are never lost or forgotten as they are always stored securely and are available through your referrer login or on request from any of our clinics.

Image quality and usability
You have access to the full resolution images of the whole study and can adjust key components such as windowing and measurements as required.

Medical reports and images are available electronically as soon as our radiologist completes your imaging report. You could also receive email or notification alerts for urgent results if required.


No need to store the films that will discolour and degrade with time (never mind the space they take up).


The patient’s history is together in the one place for you to see.
Patient ID Cards
In order to facilitate digital image distribution, Sunshine Coast Radiology will be providing patients with a Radiology Patient ID card. This will allow for simple and easy use of the InteleRAD PACS “break glass” function in the online viewing system for patients that may not have been referred by you initially, but whom you now have under your care. Patients will not have to wait around for their films as these will then be available to any referring doctor or healthcare professional the patient visits, as long as the health care professional is registered with our online viewing system. We do realise that not all situations will be perfectly suited to the “filmless” environment and as such we will continue to offer a service to our referrers who can specify they require images in a hardcopy film format or CD format. For example, Orthopaedic images will continue to be printed on film for possible theatre use.